5.2.Configuring the Mail Server

Before you can send email from the OPC DataHub, you will need to configure the DataHub mail server program, as follows:

  1. With the DataHub running, right click on the DataHub system-tray icon and choose Properties.
  2. In the Properties window, select Email/SMS .
    Enter the information that you want to use for sending the email. This can be the same as the SMTP server listed in your email client program.
    SMTP Server:

    The name of the SMTP server.


    The SMTP port number (typically this is port 25).

    Sender Email:

    The email address of the sender. This will appear in the From field of the email. The address can be in either of these two forms:

      username@datadomain.comwill be displayed as username@datadomain.com in the email reader (client).

      User Name <username@datadomain.com>will be displayed as User Name in the email reader (client).

    User name:

    The log-in name you use to access this SMTP account.


    The applicable password.

  3. Click the Apply or OK button to submit your entries.

The DataHub mailer is now ready to use. If you haven't already done so, we suggest sending a test message as explained in the next section.