Example Scripts

Table of Contents

LogFile.g - logs data to a text file when a point changes value.
ReadCSV.g - reads a CSV file and writes the points and values to the DataHub.
WriteCSV.g - writes data to CSV files.
ParseExcel.g - parses data from an Excel spreadsheet.
LinearXform.g - performs linear transformation functions on points.
MakeArray.g - creates an array point from individual points.
IntToBit.g - converts an integer data point into a set of single-bit points.
ConnectionTrack.g - changes a point when a connection is made or broken.
QualityTrack.g - writes the quality of a point as the value of another point.
TagMonitor.g - monitors DataHub points for changes in quality or failure to change value.
FixQuality.g - changes point quality for OPC clients that treat bad quality as a disconnection.
OPCItemLoader.g - reads a list of OPC tags from a CSV file and configures DataHub points for them.
OPCReconnect.g - disconnects and reconnects an OPC server.
OPCReload.g - requests a reload of OPC server data with no disconnect.
AutoCalculation.g - automatically calculates formulas based on data points.
matlabtest.g - test a connection to Matlab.