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System Monitor
Monitor the system health of networked computers
Now you can monitor the performance of computers anywhere in your organization using the OPC DataHub. You decide what system parameters to monitor, such as CPU usage, free disk space, available memory and whether critical processes are still running. This information is collected by the DataHub as regular point data that can be shared across a network or the Internet in real-time.
Benefits of the System Monitor
Using the new System Monitoring feature in the OPC DataHub you can easily:
  • Monitor the CPU load and free memory of critical systems in your plant and send email or text messages when performance levels drop too low.
  • Monitor important programs in your system and use a DataHub script to automatically restart them if they terminate unexpectedly.
  • Collect system data from multiple networked computers and display it in a real-time web display.
Features of the System Monitor
  • Uses the standard Windows performance facility to monitor all system parameters.
  • Choose the systems parameters you want to monitor.
  • Log performance data to a company database for further analysis.
  • Collect data from remote systems over the Internet or company networks.
  • System data is stored in the DataHub as point data values, just like points from any other data source.
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